Every day millions of people experience a wide variety of painful conditions – low back pain, neck pain and headaches among them.
Yet current research shows that there is a simple solution for people who are afflicted with these conditions.
For example, last year a study was done called the Mercer Report, where some of the world’s best scientists evaluated chiropractic care compared to physical therapy, exercise and other medical treatments. Chiropractic care was found to be by far the most effective answer to the back pain riddle.
In 2001, a report was released by Duke University showed that chiropractic adjustments provided almost immediate relief for headaches originating in the neck, and resulted in significantly fewer side effects and considerably longer lasting relief than commonly prescribed headache medications.
As researchers take a closer look at chiropractic, it compares favorably to most medical treatments in these common situations. So if you know anyone who is complaining of back pain, neck pain or headaches, point them toward your chiropractor – they don’t have to suffer.