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Positive Attitude, The Secret Weapon for Better Health

It’s easy to see how being happy, upbeat and optimistic can make you fun to be around and a good friend, but did you know that a positive attitude can actually help you to be healthier?

In a recent article published by the Mayo Clinic, a clear relationship is drawn between positive mental attitude and numerous health benefits, including:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

One explanation for these benefits is that having a positive outlook helps you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful effects of stress on your body. Another is that positive and optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles — they get more physical activity, follow a healthier diet, and have reduced rates of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Whatever the reason, positive people seem to live longer, healthier lives – try it and see how it works for you! Here are some tips on how to be more positive:

If your self-talk tends to be more negative, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to an unhappy or unhealthy life. You can learn to transform negative thinking into positive thinking. The process is simple, but it takes time and practice — you’re creating a new habit, after all. Here are some ways to think and behave in a more positive way:

  • Check yourself. Periodically during the day, stop and evaluate what you’re thinking. If you find that your thoughts are too negative, try to find a way to put a positive spin on them.
  • Be open to humor. Give yourself permission to smile or laugh, especially during difficult times. See humor in everyday occurrences. When you can laugh at life, you feel less stressed.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least three times a week to positively affect mood and reduce stress. Follow a healthy diet to fuel your mind and body. And learn to manage stress.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Make sure those in your life are positive, supportive people you can depend on to give helpful advice and feedback. Negative people, those who believe they have no power over their lives, may increase your stress level and may make you doubt your ability to manage stress in healthy ways.
  • Practice positive self-talk. Start by following one simple rule: Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else. Be gentle and encouraging with yourself. If a negative thought enters your mind, evaluate it rationally and respond with affirmations of what is good about yourself.

By recognizing the patterns of positive thinking and choosing to be upbeat and optimistic, you enhance the likelihood of health and happiness – spread the word!

Principles for Personal Success!

We should always follow the golden rule about how we would like to be treated if we were in another person’s shoes. 

  • We need to keep a pleasant personality.  People prefer to do business and interact with people they like.  People like to associate with people who are pleasant to be around.  Pleasant people portray themselves as sincere with a generous, cheerful and considerate attitude.
  • Maintaining optimal physical and mental health is essential.  Even if we already have an enthusiastic and positive attitude, we must control our mental and physical habits so they remain life enhancing and productive for success.  Proper rest and relaxation are vital to renew energy and sharpen purpose and focus.  Most of us realize optimal health is the key to expressing our best; however, we need to remember that regular chiropractic care is a necessary step toward physical and mental wholeness.
  • Forming good habits is really smart.  Both good and bad habits are formed the same way- through repetition.  By understanding this, we have the power to change a negative habit into a positive habit by repeatedly commanding our thoughts and actions through positive motivation.  These steps ensure that the positive habits become automatic.
  • Always giving that “little extra” can elevate our daily lives and help make a difference in the lives of others.  Studies indicate that a shift has taken place from the “me” generation to the “we” generation.  When we reach within ourselves, we will find that “extra something” we can give to those around us.  When we give more than is expected from us, life will reward us.  Elbert Hubbard wrote, “Folks who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.”  Always give that extra something.  You’ll be glad you did and someone in the world will be better because of it.

I challenge you to give that “something extra” and make your life even happier, healthier and more successful.  Make a bigger difference in the lives of others because that is where real joy comes from, making others happy. 

I ask you to welcome challenges, look for opportunities in every situation to learn and grow, delight in the beauty around you and offer your sincere caring and kindness to others.  This is the real “stuff” of life.

I am committed to giving you that “something extra” because I am committed to making a bigger difference in the lives of my wonderful patients.