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Light Force Family Chiropractic is a bridge to wellness for the countless families we attract. While initially people might be drawn to us for a pain-based problem in the neck or back or perhaps even headaches, what they find when they begin care is much more than pain relief. What they find is that oasis called wellness which is so elusive in today�s healthcare environment. We assist on the journey from sickness which is often manifested in physical pain or general malaise to true health and wellness which are displayed by a renewed sense of hope and increased energy. How long has it been since you felt really well? Is your idea of wellness merely the absence of symptoms or do you have a true sense of what your physical goals are? Do you plan to spend your golden years managing a list of prescriptions a mile long or do you want to spend them managing your life�s purpose? At Light Force Chiropractic we explore with you the answers to these questions and more.

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