What do our body and our automobile have in common?  Our body and our car have very complex operating systems that we take for granted and infrequently think about unless something goes wrong. 

Years ago, you may have learned to drive a car with a manual gearshift, which was located either in the steering column or in the floor of the car.  You learned deliberate motions to move the gears through each position.  Most cars today have gears that shift automatically while driving and you are not even aware of these movements. 

In Many ways, our body functions like a car with an automatic gear shift.  Every second, the human body automatically performs millions of vital functions, without us even being aware that it is occurring.

The brain, the master controller of the body, sends messages to all parts of the body through the nerve system.  These millions of detailed processes are ordered and controlled by the brain.  A critical element in this communication system is the spinal cord, which is housed within the spinal canal.  This canal has many openings in the vertebrae through which the spinal cord and its membranes pass to all parts of the body.  The vertebrae protect the delicate nerve system.  This system is a miraculous network of inborn intelligence and it enables the body to heal itself and regulate itself, as long as there is no interruption in the system.  However, stress and strains of daily living can cause the spinal vertebrae to misalign and cause an interruption of the communication process.

“Health comes from within. When the nerve system is clear from any interference and the communication from the brain to organs and tissues is 100%, the function of the body will be normal, and normal function brings health.”

We seldom think about the complex and automatic operation of our bodies or our cars unless there is a problem.  When we have car trouble, we take our car to a car mechanic to fix the problem because cars cannot heal themselves.  Similarly, when our bodies express symptoms and we feel sick, we often take over-the-counter medications or we go to a health care provider who may prescribe medications.  However, we may forget the first step in restoring health is to locate the cause of the problem.  Remember, the body is capable of healing itself, as long as there is no interference with its inborn intelligence.  The next step toward health is to correct the cause of the problem. 

This leads us directly to chiropractic, the only healthcare system focusing on the correction of misaligned spinal vertebrae that interfere with the body’s communication system.  When these misalignments are corrected, the body’s inborn intelligence can function properly again.  This restores the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate itself, without the need for medications. 

For over 114 years, chiropractors have empowered people to understand that every function of the body is controlled and directed through the nerve system. 

In this blog, I will share with you a wealth of valuable information that is guaranteed to address many of your concerns and answer pressing questions.  It will absolutely provide you with all of the tools necessary to empower you to make the best health choices for you and your family and guide you on a path to “optimal health.”